New Pioneer Co-op

22 S. Van Buren St., Iowa City
1101 Second St., Coralville

Mug shot of winner

The story of New Pioneer is well known. Fans of natural and organic foods band together in 1969 and form a bulk food buying club that grows over the years into two high-end natural food stores. It's always a finalist in our best grocery category, but their bakery has also carved out a niche, with a 10-ton hearth oven with 225 square feet of baking surface to create the signature crispy crusts. You can even download a bread schedule, so you know which days you can pick up the freshest loaves of your favorite breads.

What voters said:

  • “The bread is soo good fresh in the morning and the pumpkin cookies are worth waiting for.”
  • “Their croissants are made with real butter, by actual real people, not from frozen prepackaged dough.”
  • “The pink chiffon cake is to die for!”

Runners-up: Deluxe, The Cottage, Bread Garden, Yummy's.

Last year’s winner: The Cottage

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